Saturday, October 6, 2012

In Just 2 Days

In two days I'm leaving my babies, boarding a plane, and flying the rest of the way across this country to the West Coast. TWO DAYS. I've had a few moments this week where the throat tightened, heart sped up, and I felt like I would have a panic attack - just thinking about it. You see... I've never been away for my babies with just the hubs and I, longer then a night or two. And even then that's for a youth event or something nearby. {My hospital stay is not being counted}

I'm absolutely PUMPED about some good, quality, bonding time with my husband. I'm crazy excited about going to California, attending an amazing conference {Resurgence!}, staying in nice hotels, eating meals with just my love...

But that Momma heart pain is strong right now. I literally need to do some deep breathing. ;)
I'm eager to see how the Lord uses this week in our marriage - and I'm already eager to kiss some baby faces when we get off of our airplane! I cannot bear that my girls will be another week older when I get home. Time just goes way too quickly.

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