Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Autumn in here in Iowa and we are loving every minute. 
Our days are shorter as the sun is rising late and going back down early. 
Leaves are yellow, orange, red and brown.
My children are another season older - and as I pack up the summer shorts and tanks in exchange for sweaters and jeans...
I'm reminded again at just how blessed we are in this life. 

We have seen firsthand {again} how the Lord provides for our every need and for that I am thankful. Sometimes it helps my heart to see these tangible blessings. 
- a "new to us" car for my husband
- hand me downs for my children
- Gift cards for my birthday {back in June}
- friendships, deep
- a home. a beautiful, all-we-need home
- meeting new neighbors who seem normal :)

Ah, these too quick, autumn days. 
What a treasure!

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Sandra said...

Meeting new neighbors who seem normal LOL That made me chuckle. I always cringe when new neighbors move in cause I never know what's coming LOL

Have a great day :)