Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday - END of OCT.

Seriously?! It's the last week of October?! Yikes. Time is flyin'!
The combination of a gray morning, kids up in the night, and a sick baby who slept on me from 6-7:30am has left me feeling a little DRAB this morning. My wonderful husband made us egg sandwiches as I rested on the couch here for a bit. {Love him!} It's a very full and busy week ahead... so let's get started. :)


The Weather:::
Gray. Chilly. wonderful. Fall-bugs like us just so enjoy this kind of weather. It'll be in the high 50's this week and we will ENJOY! 

Right now I am:::
Sipping my homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte, watching my girls dance and spin to music, checking fb for family updates on how they are doing during this hurricane. 

How very blessed I am. Beautiful children. Loving husband. Also... random... my 17 month old has gone on her potty chair TWICE in two days. Thinking that's a little early - but, she's asking to go. Self training perhaps?! 

On my reading pile:::
"The Wisdom of God" by Nancy Guthrie. Right now we are learning about the suffering of the messiah in the psalms. SUCH good stuff! 
I need to charge up my Nook so I can finish some of the other things I have going, too. {The Furious longing of God - Brennan Manning, and two Tsh Oxenreider books}

On my TV:::
Right now I have the Today show on - watching the updates on Hurricane Sandy. 

On my menu this week:::
Monday: Pumpkin Black bean chili
Tuesday: Left overs
Thursday: BBQ pulled pork sandwiches & cabbage salad
Friday: chicken and potato hand pies w/roasted brussel sprouts
Saturday: Raspberry balsamic glazed meatballs over noodles
Sunday: Baked Cavatelli & spinach salad

On my to-do list:::
Some light tidying. Clean house from having company over lastnight! 
Put alllllll the clothes away so our bedroom no longer looks like a walk in closet.

What I am creating:::
Nothing. However, soon my biggest girl and I will start making Thanksgiving placemats. :) 

Homemaking Tips:::
I have several friends who give their kids "jurisdictions" or specific places they are responsible to keep tidy. Cuts down on mom doing everything and teaches responsibility. :) Need to do that!

Looking around the house:::
Toys. Purged all the kids toys out and rotated, so they are acting like it's Christmas with all these "new" toys. 

From the camera:::

 Hubs. On his way to the JR high retreat - I love his enthusiasm, creativity... and love for the students.

On my prayer list:::
Hurricane Sandy

Have a wonderful Monday!


whitneycroy said...

Our 19 month old is starting to become really interested in potty training too and I dont like it one bit! her daddy trained himself at 15 months which I thought was crazy but who knows. I'm not ready for this yet! :(

Tina Leigh said...

A 17 month old little girl on the potty!! Whew Whew!! That is great!!!

That is such a sweet, sweet time..17months old!!

That menu looks great! Soup is sure the thing for this weather.

Naomi said...

My little girl is 10 months and potty training is a way off which I'm so grateful for, it's the most daunting thing to me ever!

Your menu sounds incredible! Raspberry balsamic glazed meatballs!!!

Angie said...

My week started off pretty drab too! The tummy virus hit here last night with the daughter and then of course followed right on over to me. Hoping to get back on track this week though! Hope you have a good one :)