Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And so completes October

October 31.
Tomorrow we'll flip the pages on our calendars and day planners and prep for another month. I think October has been one of our busiest for the year - and, while I'm always sad to see days fade away... I'm thinking I'm pretty excited to see some things slow down. {and dare I mention that my TWO favorite holidays are now just... weeks away...eek!}

My precious babes were kept very busy this past month with lots of play dates, bible study nursery times, costume parties, youth events, etc. They are rock stars and I'm so thankful for my go-with-the-flow, littlest. :) Here's a peek at their cuteness from the last few weeks:

Earlier this month we were invited to our first ever family costume party. It was a blast for all 4 of us to dress up and head out the door! Daddy was a psych ward escapee/convice {because we already owned it!}, Mommy was a farmer, Ava a fairy, and Augs was a puppy. We had a blast and the girls even got to ride a miniature horse. :)

Last night we joined our bazillion cousins for beggars night. This is something I'm still getting used to, as we never did this when I was growing up. But the girls loved it! Ava was a snow queen and Augs... the same puppy. :)

Even daddy got in on the fun, again. It cracks me up that August isn't afraid of this costume - she even kisses him through the mask. Silly girl. He was a snow Yetti. Don't ask. ;)

Goodbye October! Thank you, Lord, for another month of precious life. :) And now we welcome NOVEMBER! 

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