Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SO many things. So, thank you!

I've found that in my lifetime journaling has always been a way of tracking. Life experiences. Emotions. Discoveries. Deep, confusing thoughts and questions. Journaling is a safe place to lay them all down. It seems this day in age with the popularity of things like Facebook, Twitter, email, and the like... nothing is sacred. Thoughts can be spewed, opinions thrown around {whether fact or blatant falsehood} and even used as "prayer concerns". As a blog writer I feel like I'm checking myself all the time. Is this good? Is this worthy of a post? Is this important? Does it build up? Does it honor God?
There have been times when I've thought about shutting the whole thing down...
Who really cares about Pausleyland anyway...? And isn't there something more important out there? And, can't I just keep my little journal near by and stick with that? Safe. Judgement free. Private.

Obviously, the answer is YES. There are more important things. I can still track in my private journal, for the deep and confusing. And, I honestly can say that I do try to write uplifting, encouraging and truthful posts. I love to share life and there may be little better then hearing someone say, "That post really encouraged me and helped me think".

While I haven't done well at heading towards it - my entire point for this post was to say... There is SO much to talk about, learn about, pray about, mourn over, delight in, live in. So many things I want to say and battle over holding back. I just want to say a thank you to those of you who over the years have been a blessing and encouragement to me - allowing me to share my heart and dreams with you via this blog. I love my "in real life" community of church family, real family, and friends. But I count it an extra blessing, too, to have a little community in this bloggy-sphere. :)

I'd like to share my heart again today - on the behalf of a little girl named Taylor. She is in the process of a 12 hour cancer surgery. I don't know the family, or even the baby girl, but I know she needs our prayers and she needs our Great GOD to work in her little body. I sat down this afternoon and read a post from her Momma and was brought to tears. The dr's have told them this surgery is very risky. They now sit and wait. I cannot fathom this in my mom-heart. Sitting. Waiting. Wondering. Time just passing.
Will you please take a few minutes to pour your heart out to God on Taylors behalf? I'm asking God to give the Doctors great wisdom and direction while working on her tiny body. I'm praying for comfort and encouragement for her parents and siblings. I'm praying for a miracle. Will you join?

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

My phone has been eating all blog comments lately, but I LOVE that you share your heart, and I am always so encouraged by you...via bloggy world (even though we live only 12 miles apart but never seem to see each other)!
Taylor's mom Julie was my roommate for a year in college. She is one of the most genuine, authentic loving Christ-followers you will meet. Tragedies have seemed to be heaped upon their family--she had just lost her brother the fall she started college. Love her like crazy and am SO praising God for His protection over Little Taylor today during the long yet seemingly successful surgery! I love how wrapped in love and support their family has been during this time!