Monday, March 14, 2011

31 weeks and a major purchase :)

Tomorrow marks 31 weeks in my pregnancy countdown. I feel good! The hour change has actually been a bonus for my family. We all slept in til 8:30am this morning... after a lovely day yesterday. :) Gotta love the darker for longer mornings!

May Baby is a kicker, mover and jabber for sure. I always feel like people are watching my belly - even though, they aren't. {paranoid} She is always on the move! And we've entered the hiccup stage, too. Ava had them constantly when I was prego with her - I always knew right where her back was because of them. This baby is proving to be the same way now, only, a little later. :) 31 weeks - I'm now officially into the single digits of weeks until we meet her! Wow!

Last week I ordered my diaper bag. Which, is maybe not a huge deal to anyone else... but to me it's a loooong time coming. I have wanted a Vera Bradley baby bag since I was pregnant with #1. But at $97 a pop, wasn't practical! So instead - I used my other already owned vera bags, bought cheapo little bags to carry and just switched all the time as nothing really "worked". {and, wasn't a fan of spilling formula into my nice vera bags!} So, imagine my bliss as Vera put some of her baby bag patterns ON SALE! Wanna see it?

The pattern is "Hope Gardens" and I think its perfect for my spring time baby girl! It has 11 pockets and is lined so it can be cleaned. And, comes with a matching changing pad! Score! :) I know Vera's not for everyone...but it sure is for me! :)

In other news - my MIL is here for the week. :) Nice to have some family around! Brad and I are hoping to skip out for a date night this week - maybe use our FREE movie tickets, or, crush that sushi craving once and for all. {sigh} What a nice start to the week!

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becky said...

Oh yay! Congrats on your new baby bag! I have the old version of the baby bag and LOVE it!'re gunna use it everyday!! You are getting so exciting!!