Thursday, March 31, 2011

April hopefuls

I love April. I love the hope that it brings with sunshine, flowers starting to grow... and this year, Easter celebration. Our ultimate Hope in Christ! :) Remember the little galvanized pails I found from this post? I have still not used them - but, still on the hunt for just the right idea. Wondering if I could use them in Ava's big girl room? Hair bow and barrette holders? I dunno... thoughts on that one? I even thought of maybe creating some cute kind of topiary with pink gerbera daises... bah! who knows!

Yesterday I came across TWO super cute ideas that I had to share - and both look somewhat easy. Something even I could do! Thirfty Decor chick has this post up about using Moss as decoration. I LOVE that idea - because its all nature-y and seems to be everywhere right now at stores. So, I seriously want to try my hand at the giant moss covered monogram. Look how her's turned out - wowza!

I still have plenty of bare walls up in this ol' house that would look lovely with a big ol' mossy letter - say, in a "P". :) Check out her link for a "how-to" and drool over her creativity with moss, birdsnests and little plastic eggs. Cute, cute cute!

My second favorite idea - and probably more realistic for me to attempt is this one using recycled glass jars. Happy Clippings is a new site I've discovered, and it's ca-ute!

I even have the jar on the far left (walmart salsa jar) already in my fridge ready to be cleaned out and used! Score! I thought these would even be cute with maybe some scripture printed on there or something? Very springy!

So there you have it, two new ideas! Anyone tried either of these? I'll let you know if I actually get to them - still working on this big girl room for my big girl. But I DO at least wanna give 'em a shot!


Julie Anne said...

Love the jars!! :) might have to buy myself some Mod Podge one of these days!!

The Sneaky Mommy said...

We must be very liked minded--I have both of those projects tagged! :)
I have seen some really cute ideas to use the pails, like you said, for hair bows and line them up on a small shelf with a little bow of ribbon tied around the middle of each pail. I LOVED decorating Cloe's big girl room! My favorite thing: the inexpensive chandelier from IKEA! So princessy! :)