Friday, March 11, 2011

What is WITH these Cravings?

As I lay my 2 year old down for bed tonight, I bend over the rail of her crib - rub her sweaty little head to say goodnight and BAM out of nowwhere... "MUST HAVE SUSHI NOW" rushes through my brain. Random.

The hubs is out on a youth event and here I sit all pregnant and no where to go with these massive, sudden cravings. I'd always heard women talk about them - but I don't think I had them with my first pregnancy. But tonight it's almost like a little person is on my shoulder whispering... Sushi, Sushi, Sushi. Weird. And tempting.

Since I'm in for the night and can't go out to find my taste buds desires - maybe some water will do?

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beccarankin said...

Funny... :-) I never had them that strong with either one. I did crave Pepsi and McD's ice cream cones. Things I rarely ever have. Did the water work? Ha, ha...