Monday, March 21, 2011

A week gone by

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning as I opened my day planner and saw the date - March 21, 2011. How did we get this far already? I suppose having company for over a week helps move things along...but, seriously!? I read in the newspaper yesterday about a couple who predicted today would be the end of the world- March 21st. I woke up this morning thinking about it - WHAT IF?! Strange to me, still, how, even though I long for heaven... do I really? Because the first ache that came to mind wasn't, "oh, to be with Jesus" but, "what about my girl?". Maybe that's normal human stuff - but, it's got me thinking.

My inlaws were here this week. We had a great time with them and my daughter is officially a week wiser in the words she says and questions she asked. This morning she told me she was going to "Plorida" with Grandma and Poppa. So sweet. We always hate goodbyes - and today was no different. But - exciting news - the idea was hinted at about a Iowa Christmas this year! So, we'll see. I vote yes!

This weekend is our Faith Lift women's event for church and I'm feeling totally under the gun to get things done. We have so many little projects going on - and just a few days to tie it all together. Really hoping everything turns out beautifully and as stress-free as possible. :) And, as much as I've enjoyed it... I can't wait to be done! Note to self: Don't join a committee again if pregnant or have small children.

I feel like I need some time to just climb a tree and sit in it, and think a while. What a picture that would be - 32 weeks pregnant and sitting in a tree. Bah! But, seriously, some quiet time will be nice. So much to process. So much swirling in this head o' mine. Nothing drawn to conclusion yet. And apparently something BIG is going on in Libya that I have no idea about... stinkin' basketball season. lol.

Ramblings. That's it for today.

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Sara said...

your ramblings are very inspirational and points me to christ still in many ways :) Thanks for including us in your busy week :)