Tuesday, March 1, 2011

29 weeks, March 1st, and sunshine

Those three things encapsulate my day & life today. Praise. The. Lord.

First, pregnancy update. Today marks week 29! Can I just express to you how I'm always a little sad about reaching this milestone... I love being pregnant and this to me, just shows how quickly it goes and how very soon this phase will be over. I do so look forward to meeting our newest addition...but, oh how I treasure every inward squirm and jab. I'm going to have the hubs help me take an updated picture tonight. At least my mom in Ohio would appreciate that! :) I feel great and things are going just fine. Sleep has become an issue - but, when isn't it?! Lastnight I was reading through my "Pregnancy week by week" book and they had this encouraging thing to say: "Birthweight of an infant increases with the increasing number of pregnancies you have or the number of babies you deliver." Ahem, need I remind anyone that Ava was 8lbs 130z!!! BIGGER?!

Second, March 1st!!! March is here! And Sunshine! We woke up this morning and I almost felt giddy. The snow has melted almost entirely from our yard, the sun was beaming high and warm and... do I see buds on our tree?

Ave's and I were inspecting what we could see in the backyard. She asked if we could go "picking" (strawberry picking) and then we opened the glass window in celebration of the sun coming out! It's closed now. Freezing breeze. But, still! And, isn't she beautiful? I love this girl. But yes, March, we welcome you. I've got my St. Pats recipes out again, working on a decor project for the table, and... might possibly be welcoming my bro and sis in law in this month!

Today we are thanking God for His many, many blessings in our lives. We know that so many are hurting or downcast or broken. We feel rich in the Lord. :) We are rich in Him!

Ava's new room project is still underway. I'm currently snatching ideas from any and everywhere I can. Lately, mail order catalogs have been a big help in finding ideas. I'm loving..
- The Land of Nod Seriously, adorable stuff... and possibly some things I can make myself!

(and, NO, we aren't naming May Baby Sophia... just happens to be their advertised name) :)

Happy March 1st! Make the most of it!

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Amy@My Front Porch said...

Sophia's a pretty cool name ;) And don't worry, our second baby weighed a pound less than our first :)