Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's gettin' all crazy up in here

Before I go into my post - let me pass on a link that you MUST check out if you have daughters you love to dress up! {or, little girls who would look adorable in an adorable handmade dress} My friend Londa over at The Sneaky Mommy is doing a giveaway and I WANNA WIN! :) Check out this post here - that links to a super cute Etsy shop! And here's a little glimpse of what's on the line for the big win:So, go check it out... make a purchase, even!

Now, onto Thursday. I heard a rumor that today was supposed to be 48 degrees. However, as I look out my window at the remaining snow, gray skies and smoke rising from chimneys - I'm becoming a doubter. That's ok... I have plenty to get done up in here. You see, it's getting ALL CRAZY and I'm running out of time. Brad's parents are coming in this weekend and staying for a week - AWESOME! However, I'm halfway into the painting job in Ava's new room - our basement needs a total clean over after the sewer mans' visit {ooh} - and at 30 weeks pregnant I'm just not going as fast as I once could. :)

I did get some work done on one of my DIY projects - wanna see?
Remember these random vases I found at Salvation Army?

Well, they have now been painted and finished. I LOVE how they turned out! Especially the one with the flowers on it. :) LOVE!

Now to gather some "filler" and find the perfect spot for them. :) They are such a good fit for our living room OR dining room - and the total project up to this point has cost around $10 including paint and the actual vases.
Hopefully, after I finish painting the "big girl room" I can get back to my little project and have a finished product picture to share. So, guess I should get to work! But I have to say - I am loving trying these DIY ideas and seeing how easy they really are :) Even I can do them!
Happy Thursday! And, don't forget to check out that Etsy giveaway!

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Melody Joy King said...

Just wanted to swing by and let you know that I always enjoy reading your blog. :0) I am glad things weren't too serious with the basement. So thrilled for you guys that you will be welcoming a new little one into your home very soon. It's fun to watch Ava grow through all the pics you post. I enjoy your homemaker/housewife thoughts and tips as well. I am so glad that you and Brad are enjoying Iowa, and SBC so very much! Many blessings to you! ~Melody