Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When everything falls apart...

I went to bed lastnight with a heavy heart. Our home was built in 1914 and so far we have had NO problems with anything. Homeowning has been wonderful! But, lastnight, as I was doing laundry I noticed some water. To be more specific... disgusting, sitting, brownish water that looked like it got "burped" up out of the floor drain. Then I noticed that the drain from the washing machine was running reallllly slow. Another puddle over there. My heart just flip flops about stuff like this and all I can see is $$$ signs. {sigh} Did I mention our shower drain is also running realllly slow - even after a full jug of Draino? What is going on?!

We decided to call it a night and see what would be in the morning...this morning. I hardly slept lastnight. This 3rd trimester insomnia/peeing all night/ thinking about a drain got to me. So I'm drained today. No pun intended. Bah, ok, maybe!

Anyway, this morning I went down to scope out the situation.

Bad idea.

More water. Spread out. One wet cardboard box. Etc.

Panic sets in. Only because we have no knowledge of this kind of thing... as if knowing about it would make it better. THANK THE LORD nothing else is wet and the water is contained to just around our furnace. It's way less then an inch - but, stinks, literally. But not like sewer...so the mystery continues.

This morning I celebrate the 30 week mark of this pregnancy. And here I thought everything in life was going so smoothly. Now our basment has water, some clothes got ruined by a pair of dark jeans, insurance copays are going up {again}, rooms are half done being painted, and... the bath tub will not drain. I feel like everything is falling apart.

I need saturation in the Word of God today. Despite my fatigue, despite the plumber coming in this afternoon to draw $$$ on paper. I need to focus on truth. This is the promised life... a life of challenges and adversity and finding true joy in the everyday. Reality. Doesn't make it easier to admit that, but, truth heals the heart. Truth mends the mind.

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The Sneaky Mommy said...

Mandi, I am so sorry! We'll pray it's not a major project! I think house projects are so frazzling because they are so unknown! I can get a stain out, sew on a button, prepare meals...but I can't fix the house! Praying God will provide peace and give you strength to trust!