Tuesday, March 22, 2011

32 weeks & cheeseburgers

32 weeks today! I feel great, have a very active little one, and am just counting down the weeks til she's here in our arms. :)

As I mentioned before - we just had over a week of in-law time and something semi-dangerous happened. I was introduced to the DQ blizzard. People just look at me when I tell them I'd never had one before - but, to my knowledge, I really haven't. So, when my mother in law asked if I wanted one the other night... and she explained what they were - how could I resist?!

My new best friend is a Heath Blizzard. I've only had one...but, it was love at first taste.

And while on the topic of food - the combination of ice cream with the sudden urge for a ketchupy, cheesy, burger is not always a good thing. BUT watching your 2 year old enjoy it...priceless! Today on our way home from a friends house Ava asked for a cheeseburger and that sounded like just too good of an idea! So we stopped by Wendys :) I love this girl. I love how funny she is and how she loves to pick off all the pickles so I can have them.
{she's learning how to share!}

Is there anything cuter then a ketcup faced kiddo?! I think not!

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Julie Anne said...

Ava is absolutely adorable... and so are you!!
Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes well!!