Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another week closer...

33 weeks as of yesterday! People having jokingly said to me, "I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going for me" and I keep responding, "yea, for me too!" and it has! :) Though, things always feel like they are sloooowing down here at the end as sleep and comfort become issues.

{33 weeks - still horrible at self portraits}

I remembered this morning that I never posted any pics of our visit with Grandma and Poppa Pausley, who were here a little over a week last weekish. Ava loved having her grandparents here, and we enjoyed getting some time with them, too! There is something so special about watching your child with their grands. :) Ava still asks every time we get into the van, "where's Dran-ma?" or "where poppa go?". Lasting impression.

By the way, today is a better day. Hopefully I didn't weird anyone out with my post yesterday. I just find that from time to time {well, and always} I need to be REAL - not that I'm ever fake. But, don't we tend to just want to preview a peaches and cream perspective of our lives?! Things are FANTASTIC and I'm a blessed woman - and despite so many little things that could get me down - I'm blessed. I actually got sleep lastnight, too, which makes all the difference.

We have an exciting day and week coming up - Library today with the kiddo, youth group tonight, a massive consignment sale tomorrow with a friend and then a weekend of doing Ava's big girl room and a youth event! And then it's April!

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