Tuesday, August 2, 2011

11 Weeks old... and potty training.

Let me be a little more clear...

August is now 11 weeks old.
Ava is potty training.
Does that make more sense?

Today I celebrate my 11 week old little wonder. :) She.Is.Amazing. This child sleeps so wonderfully {7-7 with a feeding in there at 11}, is napping perfectly during the day, and growing like a weed! She's also found her fingers and enjoys shoving her entire fist into her mouth. It's hilarious. She grunts and coos and smiles all the time. Such a happy, joyful, chubby little thing. She literally still only cries if she wants to be fed or put back in bed. August LOVES her sister and it's a good thing because sister is ALWAYS right up in her face. :) {Sigh} sister love. :)

{LOVE those rolls.}

In other exciting news -
we continue on with potty training our Miss Ava girl.
To be clear, this is THE hardest stage, I think, since she was born.
Good thing she's worth it. And, good thing I KNOW she won't be in highschool and still wearing a diaper. Somedays I have to say that to myself...out loud.
And, really, it's more like parent training anyway. Yes, there is a potty involved, but, I'm the one being trained to be extra patient, etc. Hmph.

We've had some great successful days & some not so wonderful full of failure days - {for mommy and Ava}. But we keep on keepin' on and learn little life lessons along the way.

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becky said...

Oh Mandi...my heart goes out to you..I so remember...well mostly, I know that I blocked some of it out of my mind ;o). I wanted Hannah to be potty trained so bad before Isaac was born..when that didn't happen I wanted her trained before 3...and that didn't happen either. She trained at 3 and one month. God had a lesson to teach me...and it wasn't an easy one to learn. His plans are not always my plans...that even applies to potty training. I'll pray for you as I think of it...and be encouraged...it does happen! Glad to hear that August is such a good baby and that you are enjoying her. Sending love your way!