Thursday, August 4, 2011

When you just want to be in a quiet place

The noises get to me sometimes.

The lawn mower at 8am, trash man barreling down the street at nap time, neighbor with his big, bad, SUV thumping bass so the entire country of China could hear it. I grow weary of noise.

Construction down the street in the afternoons...
Next door dog barking, barking, barking - does it ever not bark?
Dishwasher spinning water. Fridge using power. Dryer tossing clothes in the basement. AC humming to keep us cool. Even computer making "rushing" sounds.
Domestic noises. And even when the house is quiet... then my brain starts "talking".

When I just want to be in a quiet place - to focus on my God and His goodness and truth, noises overwhelm me. Even the good ones.

Somehow I have to be creative and just create that quiet place. Create that sanctuary of seeking. And I'm not totally sure how to do that yet - with two babes - but, I'll keep seeking and asking. And maybe, even in the noise, I'll feel the quiet. I'll be still and just KNOW.

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