Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

This weekend was good. I kinda got over my attitude issue of not going on vacay. I was still pretty bummed, but, we found ways to make the days count & I did so enjoy watching my family interact and grow together. I'm still learning to get the grace and be extra patient - but, I'm a work in progress... so that's alright.

Today I'm counting #21-30 on the ol' THANKFUL list. :)

21) That first morning cup of coffee, complete with a special creamer!

22) Teeny, tiny, toes... matching big sis'

23) Cuddling with my husband while the girls nap. Like we did before there were babies, big bills and new stressors.

24) Messy beds - evidence of a good nights sleep had by all

25) Good mail days where Christmas books arrive! Putting me in the spirit of the Holidays already!

26) That deep, down, deep knowledge that EVERY time I fail... I'm still Loved by the Almighty God. And, I fail alot - so, that feels really good.

27) Two year old singing, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" hymn while playing. The reminder that she IS listening and soaking it all up.

28) Giggles and pretend.

29) Our local farmers market.

30) Success at potty training for several days now.

So many things to be thankful for. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed at just what to list!

Be sure to link up with Ann and enjoy reading what other women are thankful for today! It really does lift the spirit!

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Lisa said...

Visiting from Ann's blog, what a beautiful list and such precious tiny toes!!!!