Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Slow Down

It's August 19th and summer is officially on its way to closing time. You couldn't tell that by looking around... still green and warm and all, but, schools are back in session and the state fair comes to a close this weekend. I'll never get over how fast this life goes.

We've been busy around these parts lately. This week my hubs brother and his wife are in for a visit from Michigan. SO nice to be with family! And next week we'll be hosting hubs, busy busy busy. I've also started babysitting full time Mon-Fri and so far {2 days in} so good! I'll admit... there are some crazy chaotic times. But overall my biggest girl seems to LOVE having a stand in "little brother" to play with, and... Aug's is still just sleeping sleeping sleeping - so, its awesome.

I've discovered something {again} that I already knew about myself...
I LOVE routine. I LOVE schedules and lists and organization. Since I was adding another child into the mix of life - I knew I had to get on the ball with some things. 1) GETTING UP and ready before the children woke up. Now that I'm up at least an hour before everyone is awake - there is SO much more peace and calm. I'm ready for the day, happy, and have already had some quiet time and good ol' cuppa Joe. All set! 2) Cleaning is a MUST. Now that a toddling 1 year old is the mix I especially need to be on the ball with keeping up with housework. So for the past two days I've had things pretty spic n' span. It's LOVELY. I love going to bed knowing things are already in order and tidy for the next day. WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!? 3) Meal planning. When I worked at the in-home preschool several years ago, I loved how the meals were planned on a rotation - so I copied the idea and I'm excited for how EASY and EFFICIENT it will be! I made a 2 week calendar of 10 lunch and 20 snacks {2 a day} that will go on an every 2 week rotation. Kid things like chicken fingers, PBJ, Grilled Cheese, hot dogs, etc. So when I'm doing my grocery shopping I can see and take note of the sales on particular items and always have them ready to go.

Summer is slowing down and I'm ready.
We'll head to the fair tonight and probably hit up the local splash parks a few more times before the water is drained out for winter...
We'll grill out and take a few more walks, maybe buy a few more ears of sweet summer corn...
My how time flies.

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