Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The one where I talk about body organs, grandma's china and my dollar tree finds!

At 8:30 this morning I was sitting, no lying, in an ultrasound room at the hospital. It's been a month since my last ultrasound and it was time to see just what was going on in there with my ol' gallbladder and liver. The Peace of God has been HUGE the last few weeks. I have barely even thought of this day - or the procedure - or the results. Ok, maybe a few times - but mostly, I haven't.

The tech took a good 30-35 minutes to do a "thorough study" of not only the above mentioned organs, but my spleen and both kidneys. Lovely. And I've said this once but I'll say it again... BORINGSVILLE is what I think of ultrasounds if a little babe isn't on the screen once that doppler is applied. Yawn.

This afternoon I got a totally unexpected phone call from my doctor to tell me ALL IS WELL and totally healed. Whatever it was that they saw last time that worried them is gone. And you know who gets ALL the praise for this! Thank you Lord! I have a follow up appointment on Friday and then no appointments scheduled again. Whew. I can hardly believe its all over. So very thankful. So that wraps up that portion of my life. A chapter I hope I don't have to repeat, but, have learned so many things through. I'm still processing it all.. but, it's all good.

I haven't done any posts on DIY or crafts or decorating for so long. There are multiple reasons. Obviously I was so sick for so long - but also because... I just didn't have any inspiration or ideas that I could actually follow through on. Our dining room has its new light hung and we love it. Now I just need to spruce up the rest of the room. But, isn't there always something?! Anyway, the Dollar Tree has some of their fall decor out. I'm not quite ready {or allowed?} to do any fall decorating just yet - but, I spotted some Onion Grass in their silk plants aisle. I love that stuff! It can be up to like $10 at Michaels or somewhere. It's a buck @ Dollar Tree! And looks great! So I grabbed a few until I really had a plan for it. Because... I've learned my lesson to not buy a huge amount unless I'm ready to just put it in a box in the basement and let it sit there for months. :) Anyone else? If I had a dollar for every good idea I've had and never followed through on...

The FINAL plan is to use the grass in the living room in my huge Ikea vases. Put some spanish moss in the bottoms and stick the grass in. Kind of a nice, end of summer look. And the green pops in our mostly brown living room. But, I popped them in with my daisies on the dining room table as a holding spot... and... can't say I'm hating how it looks!

I made the vase from two Dollar Tree candle holder things. The doily (sp?) was given to me, the ribbon was off of a gift and the daises are from our wedding decor. The onion grass was all I bought for this centerpiece. And, it's simple... my kinda style. Feels SO good to be up and making our house a home again with beautiful things.

And speaking of beautiful things...
When we were home in Ohio for Christmas my grandma gave me a tub of her china. I never registered or bought china for myself because secretly I always dreamed of inheriting some - that had a story and history with them. :) And now I had.

You can't see it well, but, there is a gold trim around the plate. I have a whole tub of plates, tea cups, etc. and gold silverware to match. So thankful for this precious gift. I'm thinking of cleaning out my whole hutch and putting them in. :) I was also given two beautiful pieces from grandmas collection that are so precious and special to me. I want to display them - still thinking about how to do that.

I would love to go with an antique tea room look in our dining room. Not sure I'd be allowed.. but, maybe if I slowly sneak things up on the walls no one would notice.

Got any display ideas on these two plates? The platter is massive and HEAVY. The round one was made in the early 1800's and is very frail.

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