Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soon to harvest...

A thought came to me a few minutes ago as I watched a man gather wood from a freshly cut tree - Harvest time is coming. He was preparing his home for the cold days to come. There would be plenty of wood for his wood stove. We saw some squirrels chasing each other around the backyard and along the street... always digging and looking for food to hide away. Harvest time is coming. Farmers are emptying their fields of corn {especially here in Iowa}, soybeans and soon wheat, etc. Storehouses and silos will be stocked, pantry cupboards full of canned veggies and summer fruits. It seems everyone - man and animals are all starting the preparation for Harvest and the next season to these parts, the coldest/longest season.

This got me thinking of my own family and how I prepare them - how we prepare for Harvest, and the cold months to follow. Last year I wasn't so intentional and that could be felt. And after the season ended I was determined for this year to be different. Physically, spiritually... we've GOT to prepare. I've got to prepare. I'm not a country woman...tho I very much would LOVE to be. I don't know how to grow a garden or make freezer jam or sew clothing. And thankfully right now in life my family isn't dependent on me knowing how to do those things. :) But they DO need me to set the tone when things are stressful or boring or... well, you get it. So my brain has been busy the last few weeks thinking of ways to make Harvest time and winter time a fun and purposeful time here at home. Just like those silly squirrels... we've got to prepare.

A friend of mine sent me a text last week asking if I was interested in putting together some Busy Bags, heard of them? And the more I consider the more I love the idea! This would keep little fingers and brains busy - less temptation to just flip on the TV and zone out. {guilty} I'm also planning to start some preschool with my Ava girl - probably closer to December or January. Was planning on this fall, but with babysitting and having a 3 mo old...we are still adjusting. :) I would like to use the Fireflies curriculum, the same one I used when I taught at the preschool years ago. I loved how simple it was and yet the kids were learning so many things.

On top of school type things - I'd love to start working on some scripture memorization not only for myself but for Ava, too! And this fall our Mom's ladies bible studies will start up again... giving me the refreshing kick in the pants! :)

So many more ideas... this post might have to have a part two. :)

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