Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life in general

My littlest bundle of joy is 12 weeks old today! Now, tell me life isn't just flying by us?!

Both of my girls are down for a nice nap, the breeze is cool and blowing outside and its a perfect summer day. We turned off that noisy central air and opened every single window in our home. I love hearing the cicadas buzz, squirrels chatter and air rush through the tree branches. I LOVE these days.

This morning I was sitting on our closed in front porch just enjoying the day - trying to journal a bit while Ava played and August was in her swing... when chaos began. Potty training took an abrupt turn as my eldest decided to pee on the floor, my little began to cry in the swing out of nowhere (she rarely fusses) and the phone started ringing. And wouldn't you know while I was sitting there trying to meditate on GRACE and TRUTH - all I could think about was how high my blood pressure was going because of the choas of just that moment. Just breathe. I tell ya, once you make a serious choice to SEE the GRACE and live the GRACE - the temptation to blow it lies behind every minute.

Anyway, We are loving today and had a great morning after that moment. My girls are growing and changing and I love being with them. This weekend I noticed just how much my big girl looks like me. Crazy.
Here's a fun thing from our weekend. The girls and I took a trip to our local Salvation Army - it has been lacking in any "Good" finds for a few weeks now, so we quit going. But we had an afternoon with nothing pressing to do so we took a walk up there. And look what I found waiting for me...
This 6- compartment du-hickey was just sitting there, like it was waiting for me. It didn't have a price sticker on it so I hesitated - figuring they would probaby want like $5 (because sal val seems to overprice) but I grabbed it up anyway just to see. The lady says to me, "$1.99?" like asking me if that was ok. I tried to hide my beaming smile. :) BECAUSE THINGS LIKE THIS ARE IN THE $30-$50 RANGE in like pottery barn, williams sonoma, etc. I had been wanting one since I saw my friend Emily's similar piece in her kitchen. I had a zillion ideas on how to use it but def wasn't going to be buying one anytime soon... and now here it was.

I decided to use it in my kitchen as a coffee/tea station. And it gets a ton of use. I {heart} it so much! So much that I will now post two additional views of it. :) Go ahead and laugh.

I love finding a good deal - and love incorporating more and more "antique-y" looking things into our home. :) So, wanna come over and have some coffee?


Alicia Lenoir said...

Sure I will be right over to enjoy the great Salvation Army find.This basket so fits you. Glad you were able to find a great deal.

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Love your new duhickey so much!!! Awesome find! I'm also sitting here seriously trying to be content and not jealous of your 12 week old baby! The night time feedings are killing me! Trying to remember they do grow quickly and this is just temporary! Your girls are just adorable and look so sweet!