Monday, August 15, 2011

.:I say THANK YOU:.

What an incredibly FULL weekend of things to count on my thankfulness list. Truly, a thousand gifts - more then that - just surrounding me all the time. I.Am.Blessed.

30) 6 Years of marriage to the man the Lord picked out for me! Our anniversary was Saturday and we both can't believe how fast the years are flying by...So thankful for the best husband and now daddy to our girls!

31) on the anniversary theme: FREE babysitting for our girls so we could go on a date! {thank you Bucks!}

32) Church family that lavishes on us in unexpected ways - gift cards, gas cards, meals at my door, babysitting, encouraging words and lots of prayers... so thankful.

33) These amazing, cool, mornings - perfect for sitting on the porch with my hot coffee and the word of God.

34) Cold Grapes for breakfast

35) Two bed hogs

36) Someone holding the baby and giving the bottle at church so I could chat with a friend

37) my huband running out before he went to work to buy me coffee creamer... {sigh} Love him.

38) Lots of laundry. The reminder that my family is clothed, fed and doing alright.

39) An almost completely potty trained 2 1/2 year old. Thank you Lord for your GRACE and patience with me. While training her, I've been trained myself... in other ways. And thankful for a girl who knows how to go potty... so we can go out on Momma/Daughter dates :)

40) Unexpected patch of lilly's popping up in the backyard!

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Christina said...

Yes--potty training is a gift of God!:) beautiful family and happy 6 years!

Jen said...

Great list of thanks! Congratulations on your Anniversary ~ jen