Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blog Share

Happy Weekend! We are having a creative weekend here, trying to find things to do locally...since we aren't able to get away for a family vacation like we had planned. :/ Maybe next year?

Yesterday we braved that place with the mouse and the games. You know, Chuck E Cheese. {sigh} It was ok. Ava enjoyed the little rides and played a few games. We had the pizza and pop and took a few pics - maybe I'll try and post some this week. I just have to mentally block out the amount of germs and grossness I KNOW is all around me. Oh, the things we do for our childen. After that we strolled through a mall and got starbucks on the way home. Today we are considering a trip downtown to the farmers market, or, maybe the science center. Except, they charge 2 year olds! So, who knows.

Anyway, wanted to share two blog's today that have been a blessing and encouragement to me. Obviously, I'm a little down today... disappointed I guess, as I really WAS planning on getting away for a bit. This has been just such a weird summer. One I hope to never repeat.

The first one is from Passionate Homemaking's post about healthy snacks for mommas. You can read that here. I am in the process of trying to lose the baby weight and this gave me some great ideas on how to snack my way there...correctly. Not that Wild Cherry Pepsi and a bag of chips are bad... {hehehe}

Next, Everyday Tabernacles, at the (in)courage blog. wow. Needed this reminder. Def guilty of letting my attitude get the best of me and not thinking in the little moments.

Happy weekend and happy blogging!

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