Monday, December 17, 2012

And just like that...

She's 4. She woke up smiling in anticipation of her special day. And while she's had others before, it seemed like this time she really understood why it was such a big deal. My firstborn turned 4. And my mind goes a million directions, but I'm really wondering how is it that life goes this fast and will it continue to do so? The weekend held some dark moments in my mind as I pondered the events of our world. And while I don't want to be callous or insensitive... talking about it doesn't help me. So I pray and I cry and ask the Lord to listen to my heart. And the best part is - He hears me and calms me.

We celebrated her all day long. It felt imperative that she get kisses every 39 seconds. The kitchen table was set with her birthday breakfast {chocolate covered doughnut with milk!}and a few select presents, that she got to open BEFORE church! Her eyes were big and excited and she smiled from ear to ear. The kind of smile that every mom longs to see... to know that they did something right, for once.

At church she was allowed to bump up to the 4 year old class room and act out the Christmas story. This was a very big deal to her. Her she is in her debut as an angel. :)
Then we had a special birthday lunch of her choice. She could have chosen anything, but the 4 year old chose Taco Bell. So we dined on cheese roll ups, raspberry tea, and cinna-twists. I found myself in tears as she asked to pray before lunch - and she thanked God for her presents and that she "gets to be 4 and that she got exactly what she wanted." Once back home it was time for cake and singing. Her beautiful cake, made by Miss Stacy, made it extra special. It was just her size and just lovely. Berry chocolate per her request!
Four years ago the Lord allowed us to have her. And she's been an amazing experience, an amazing child, an amazing blessing. Sometimes I just stop and watch her and imagine what she'll grow to be. But for now, I'm enjoying the random, silly, giggling, lovey dovey days with my beautiful girl. And I'm thanking God for another year with her. 

*thanks to The Welch Cupcakery and Vivian Schwab for facebook pics :) 

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