Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites...

I'm jumping on the "Friday Favorites" band wagon! Fun idea! It's a wonderful, calm, afternoon here. The girls are napping, I'm watching Little Women and sipping a mug of Mocha - all comfy on the couch. Love family day!

Favorite #1 - our REAL tree. {excuse this lame pic}
We went to three places this morning to find it - and at our last spot nabbed it for a great price. It's 8 feet tall and smells amazing. :) I love a real tree. I cannot wait to decorate it with my little girls and hubby.

Favorite #2 - Christmas Yummies

This recipe is called "Terribly terrific Toffee". Um, yum. And I love that it made from inexpensive saltines - a cheap and seemingly easy idea!  A Southern Grace has the full recipe here.

Favorite #3 - Gift wrap idea, using my little girls fingerprints :)
Wrapping Ideas-Christmas Lights 
What a brilliant idea and {again} a great money saver! You almost wouldn't want to rip these packages open. I'm hoping to do this with my girls for their gifts to Grandparents. I think it adds an extra element of precious. Check out the full how to at Splash of Something

Favorite #4 - Truth! I love how from time to time I find these great verses written out beautifully.
{Found this on pinterest, it didn't lead to any blogs or anything I could cite}

Kind of a random bunch of favorites - but, by now I'm sure you aren't surprised by that. :) 
Have a wonderful Friday! 

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