Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two trains of thought.

Remember how a looooong time ago I shared that I was going to turn a portion of our very unfinished basement into a workout room? Yea, still working on that. No where near where I want to be - but, encouraging news is that I made some progress today! After lunch with a friend and some encouraging words, I feel a new motivation to get serious and get moving.
Right now I'm at the cleaning - moving around - organizing stage. This afternoon I was able to vacuum up a zillion dead bugs, lay down the small piece of flooring, move the tv table, tv and dvd player, elliptical and new machine we were given, and prep just 1/4 of the basement to be used until my "dream" room can be completed. Something IS better then nothing, right? Here's the condition now.

I found a massive bucket of basement paint and plan to paint over the highly unsightly yellowing that seems to be happening on the wall behind the TV. Then it dawned on me... if I get this place cleaned up real well, I have LOADS of pink paint and could easily move a few toys down here for the girls, too. That would be after MUCH cleaning, however. At one point I got distracted and might have spray painted a wall with a can of beautiful Gray spray paint I bought for another project. See, I'm distracted. Anyway, though it doesn't look like much - I'm so thrilled to get things going. I want to put some sort of plastic shelving under the table for workout DVDs, my free weights, maybe a jump rope and some music. ??? I'm a looong way from the ideas I've pinned on pinterest - oh how I love this under the stairs storage, green rug and basic beautifulness. 
"unfinished" basement.  So we need: throw rug, everything organized, tv and deep clean what can be cleaned. ugh.
And this idea - the curtains! The hidden machines! The sight of clean and no dead bugs. Since laundry is my FAVE household chore, I could see lots of time spent in this! 
unfinished Basement Wallideas.  Never thought to use curtains to cover the ugly 1914 walls. Easy peasy - string up some wire and get those babies up!
But it does give me a goal to work towards. :) 

Next train - woooot wooot. Cute things. 
Today while reading through my newest edition of "Living" magazine, I stumbled upon this cute idea - also basement related. I have a drying rack set up in our basement, but, it only holds so much. I try to hang dry several items and this would be such a help - especially as it rolls back up and won't "clothesline" someone. Buahaha. A-hem. 
This is a retractable clothesline, friends. It's supposed to look aged and it's just about the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. So I looked up the website and WOW - if you are into the junkin', antique, old-ish look you want to go check out Farmhouse Wares.  It has a ton of cute ideas and the prices vary. This clothes line is roughly $13! Some things were a bit more pricey.
I thought this candle holder was pretty cute, too.

Ah, motivation, you are wonderful. Now...back to it!
What projects are you working on? Re-doing any rooms in your home?

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