Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday - last one for 2012

Tonight we'll gather at some friends home and eat appetizers, play games, referee children, and talk about highlights of the year. There will be laughing and conversation and general enjoyment. I'm looking forward to the celebration. I always enjoy NYE, even when we aren't doing anything "big" for it. There have been years with newborns where we went to bed at 9 and whispered "Happy New Year" as we fell asleep. There's something about the ending of something old and the beginning of something new that inspires me. So, if no one has wished it to you yet - Happy New Year! Praying that the Lord grows each of us in a new way this year, and the valleys, mountaintops and level roads all give us opportunity to praise.

The Weather:::
Teens and twenties. Keeping all this snow nice and crispy. :)

Right now I am:::
Watching "Narnia" {the first one} with my 4 year old. She woke up asking to watch it so I have obliged. :)

My-o-my do I have much to do today. I haven't begun the post Christmas clean up and need some kind of cleaning bug to get me in the spirit.  Also, really enjoyed staying up late by myself last night to watch Downtown season 2 on PBS. I really do enjoy that series! Cannot wait for season 3 in Feb!

On my reading pile:::
Picked up a super old copy of "Streams in the Desert" from my parents house. I'm eager to read it. I'd also like to pick up a copy of "Valley of Vision". I want to put together a 2013 reading list and read through a book a month - any recommendations?
Here are some others on my wish list :) 
-Fit to Burst, Rachel Jankovic {author of Loving the Little Years}
-Morning & Evening, Spurgeon
-The Hole in our Holiness, Kevin DeYoung
-Feminine Appeal, Carolyn Mahaney
-Choosing Gratitude, Nancy Leigh DeMoss
-Why Pro Life?, Randy Alcorn
-Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges
-Shepherding a Childs hearts, Tedd Trip

On my TV:::
Narnia :) The first one.

Favorite blog post this week {mine or others}:::
Back to the topic of reading. I really enjoy Rachel's book list from 2012. She had several that I hope to add to mine this year! I've really enjoyed her honesty, good ideas, and the fact that she reads the books I'd like to read and tells me whether they are worth it. {grin} Check out The Purposeful Wife here.

Something fun to share:::
I need to gush about a sweet friend of mine, we'll call her... A. :) She knows that I love my coffee and use my Keurig often. A little too often, I'll admit. Yesterday at church she handed me several pages of coupons for 1 FREE box of Starbucks K-cups. Seriously - that is FUN. She's super good at winning contests and won them and then shared them! Blessed A. :) We entertain A LOT and now I can have our k-cup tree filled each and every time. That makes this momma heart feel so loved. So, A, if you are reading... Thank you, again and you are so precious! I need to have you down for a cup, now.

On the menu this week:::
Monday - NYE, we'll be at friends dining on apps and desserts. I'm making Peanut butter bars & spinach artichoke dip.
Tuesday - In true traditional form... SAURKRAUT, sausage and mashed potatoes. It's the German blood in me. :)
Wednesday - Leftovers :) 
Thursday - Onion Chicken, Drop biscuits and spicy green beans.
Friday - Teen retreat all weekend, Hellllllooooo camp food :)
Saturday - "
Sunday - "

On my to do list:::
Crazy amount of laundry from playing in the snow, traveling to Ohio, and back.
Take down Christmas decor
General cleaning of most every room {sigh}
Purchase wall calendar and plan out January meal plan
Purchase new day planner {going nuts without one for next week...}
Make dessert and app for tonights party
Pay mortgage.

What am I creating:::
Taking some time off of trying to create. Haha. But, really hoping to get new updated family pics hung up in the antique windows I bought last fall.

Homemaking Tips:::
I'm actually looking for some wisdom on how to get my children to help in housework. They are little mess makers at 1 and 4 years old - but have no interest in helping. Advice? Thinking of a chore chart....

Looking around the house:::
Complete chaos. Toys, clothes, christmas stuff, couch is in mayhem... what am I still doing on here?

From the camera:::
My precious niece experiencing snow for the FIRST TIME! The Georgia girl loved it! {Ash, I borrowed your pic}
On my prayer list:::
Our teens! Heading out for winter retreat this weekend praying that the Lord does His work on their hearts! It's so easy to laze back and not care about your walk with the Lord, at any age, but I do see the attacks on our teens especially now.

Bible Verse, devo:::
I'm starting the book "Streams in the Desert" tomorrow and really hoping to use my time wisely in digging deeper in God's work. My only goal for New Years is to be in the Word EVERY day.

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Sandra said...

Hope you enjoy your NYE celebration, and that the New year brings you everything your heart desires :)

I think you're going to love and hate Season 3 of Downton Abbey LOL

As for your children, when mine were that young, I made cleaning up into a game with them. Something I also did was that I didn't allow them to take all their toys into the living room, I turned it into a game as well, they each had a basket that they could hold and would fill it with toys to take to the living room to play....when they were tired of those or wanted something new, they had to fill the basket back up, take it back to the bedroom and put them away and refill with something else. They called it shopping and loved it LOL