Thursday, December 13, 2012 weakness...

How does a week go downhill so quickly? From being so grand to so.. so.. erggh? I'm still feeling puny and exhausted, and it's like my children KNOW this. This morning I propped myself up in the nook of the couch and closed my eyes just for a few seconds while the girls were watching "Daniel Tiger". Perfect, I thought. They were glued and I was exhausted. My eyes snapped open a few minutes later as I watched my first born swinging a saucepan at her baby sister. Daniel Tiger has lost appeal within seconds of my eyes closing and apparently acting out Rapunzel's story was much more appropriate. I didn't have to say anything... the "mom look" let her know the doom that awaited. Thank the Lord the little one was several feet away from her. BUT STILL!

I'm thankful for Grace today - in my own life. And I'm thankful that even when I'm on my very last nerve... I can still show Grace. Keeping this in mind all day.
Now, back to the couch while the girls sleep.

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