Friday, December 21, 2012

C'mon in!

I so wanted to jump on the "Christmas Tour of Homes" train this year - get some good pics of our decor and just life during this season. I got a few, but nothing spectacular. But that's ok - I invite you in to take a peek at Pausleyland during Chistmas. :)

This year we set up our little tree to be specifically for the girls. All kid friendly ornaments, ribbons, beads and stuffed decorations. Our 4 year old made the angel and the girls decorated this one all by themselves. For being 1 and 4, we were sure proud! I, personally, the the home made items... tree skirt crocheted by my mother, as well as the sewn gingerbread man. :) Makes it all the more special to me!
My "simple" theme this year was to 1) use what we had 2) Try new set ups with those items. I tend to fall into a rut of doing the same thing year after year. I loved how this spot turned out using all my Salval treasures, Dollar Tree creations and some nature {buckeyes and pinecones}.

After a trip to a local antiques mall - I found this wire basket :) Throw in some fresh greenery, a few mason jars, epsom salt and candles - an easy and pretty kitchen counter decoration :) I LOVE how this smells so good right in the busiest room of our home!

For Christmas cards I strung some jute string in the kitchen and had hoped to glitter up the clothespins, but, that didn't happen. :) But we loved hanging them up and we'll plan to turn them into a "I can pray for" book when the holiday is over.

 Our pretty 8 foot tree! Did I mention that I'm not a good photographer!? This pic just doesn't do it justice. Simple ornaments, white lights and more jute string... just right for us.
 Keeping with our new tradition - the stump of the tree for 2012. We cut off the bottom of our real tree each year and write on it. Last years is an ornament on our tree!
 Stockings are hung! And stuffed with more Christmas cards :)
 I have a random small wall in the living room and I'm never sure what to put on it. I made this little set up just for Christmas. Covered some cardboard with newsprint wrapping paper found at the Dollar Spot at Target, hung an ornament with raffia. Put the LOVE above it {from our bathroom}. Voila!
Merry Christmas and God Bless!


Amy@My Front Porch said...

I love it! We have the stump from our tree and I really want to steal your ornament idea!what do you use to write on it?

Mandi said...

Amy - SHARPIE :)