Thursday, December 20, 2012

Of snow and snowsuits.

My mother was and still is the queen of invention. Growing up, I can clearly remember her turning nothing into something - whether it was food, a craft, clothing... she could make something stretch and last and turn nothing into something amazing. Even though at times {as a preteen/teenager} I would feel embarrassed by some things homemade - I always felt the love of my mother making something out of nothing, special, for me. And now that I'm a mother I wish I had her skill. I wish I knew how to make a can of soup stretch to feed 10, crochet a blanket in a day to give as a gift, craft something out of whatever scraps of cloth and whatnot in a random drawer. I want that ability but it seems it has skipped my generation.
{view from my bedroom window, first thing this a.m.}
But today... I had a moment. And, I think my mom would be proud. I had a moment of invention. :)
We woke up to LOTS of snow today - and now we are having blizzard like winds. I love it and I love that my husband at this very moment is resting on the couch after having shoveled for a long time. We are snowed in. A Christmas dream come true! As soon as our big girl woke up she wanted outside...and I clearly remember being exactly the same way. I couldn't help but smile as I watched her dance in anticipation - it's what kids do - they dance and rejoice over all those good things. We got her dressed and in my mind I'm spinning ideas on how to keep her warm. We don't have snow pants for her, or snow boots, or anything that matches - but, that's not going to keep her in this house. So, I grabbed some trash bags, next size up jeans, and VOILA we made our own snow gear.
Now, it probably won't become the next fashion trend and I'm not in line to win any major awards - but, it worked, and our girl got to play outside all morning and stay dry! She thought it was the coolest thing to wear those trash bags - and, I know that someday all too soon that will not happen. :)

Everyone is inside now and the heat is running, two girls are wrestling on the floor, the Christmas tree lights are sparkling against a window full of snow behind it. I might need to brew another pot of coffee and just enjoy these moments a little longer. Thank you, Lord, for this snow day. And, I'm considering it a bonus that I got so much cookie baking done yesterday... All of this has turned into yummy deliciousness. :)

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Amy Konz said...

I love this! Wish JJ could have played with her.