Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Shoes : A Momma's perspective.

It had been a beautiful night of worship through music, testimonies of God's faithfulness, and a delicious meal.  We had lingered over hot coffee and been happily chatting about all things - being women. :) As the years go by I find myself enjoying these moments more and more. There was a time when I was caught up in the busyness. I was running and planning and always on the move. These days I enjoy a sit down chat. I look forward to looking in a friends eye while she shares life with me. This was one of those nights.

The Lord had already been working on my heart that day, prior to the event, and I was tender while listening to the ladies around me. Each one celebrating the Holiday season in a different way. Some were older, others quite young. We had newlyweds and retirees. It was brilliant. My heart was full and I felt as warm as the candles flickering in front of me. But, like all things... it ended and was now time to head home.

My drive home was pretty normal. It was finally colder and actually felt like December - which was great, for me! I flipped on some Christmas tunes and drove on my merry way thinking about the great night and an equally great night that was coming the next day. Our church was to have the annual childrens Christmas program and it was my firstborns last year in the 2's and 3's portion. {sniff}Then, out of some place selfish and worrisome came the sinking thought - "ugh, I don't have any "Christmas shoes" for my girl." All the beauty of the night seemed to take a back row, now, as I thought about this. She had her Christmas dress and I knew how we would use gold ribbon to tie back her hair... but all I had for her feet was some clunky black boots. It wasn't a big deal - I mean, some kids have no shoes at all... but, it kinda weighed on my heart. I thought back to the two Mocha's I had splurged on earlier in the month. Could the total cost of both of those been the equal to one pair of size 10 girls shoes? And that's how my mom mind works sometimes.

After parking the car I went to pull out two diaper boxes of clothes we had been given that night, from a new friend. She has two older girls and no longer needed the items. Since I'm always needing something... this was a wonderful thing! I lugged them inside and kissed my hubby hello. We chatted about the evening as I began to look through our new treasures in the diaper boxes. It was then my heart fell and the tears came as I opened the second box and found... of course... black dress shoes. Christmas shoes for my girl.
Just one more way that God shows His perfect care for me. Shoes are not the priority, nor is looking put together for a childrens program. We know that. But it's in these small ways where sometimes I feel the most loved and seen. And my firstborn couldn't have been more excited about them! We had a great talk about God's provision and she is starting to get it. This year - for Ava - God provided Christmas shoes. And in the meantime, continues to work on this mom heart in the area of trust. The show went on and the children did a great job! Glory to God in the highest!


becky said...

I love how God blesses us through the little things. It's neat that you took the time to point Ava to Him and to help her see that every gift is from above.

Angie said...

It's amazing how God blesses us when you think long and hard about it. Sometimes I forget the little blessings. I need to be more mindful of them.