Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It doesn't get much better!

I'm drained. Today has been a tiring kind of day. Hubs and I stayed up late after drinking a bit too much coffee after 8pm. It was worth it - and, after a HIGHLY emotional episode of "Parenthood"... wow. I think I went to bed drained. Anyone else follow that series? We just started watching it and I cry every.single.week. Geesh!

Anyway, our second born woke up at 6am and was just a crab bucket. After about 2 hours of whining and then screaming - she pointed to her ear and said, "boo boo". So at 8:40am we were at the peds office hearing the diagnosis of another ear infection. Blech. Poor baby, poor ears. After a swing by the pharmacy we got home and crashed. Augs didn't even want lunch - just bed, as she whined over and over and over. She slept 1 hour and was back up crying. I think this ear infection is a doozy. :/ My eyes were heavy and I had very high hopes of maybe a good ol' snuggly nap on the couch with the still tired babe, but, nope. No sleeping - but lots of snuggling and relaxing. Those are precious times that I wouldn't trade for the world! Though I'm sleepy and still have a very full night ahead of me - I'll be alright. There are far worse things going on in the world then a sleepy momma.

So, apparently shoes are a big deal right now in our lives. {grin}
I shared the story of the shoes for my big girl and would you believe that just today I have another one! Only this time it's for my Augs, and, much more brief. ;)
Walked into Salvation Army on the way home to grab an Ugly sweater, of which they had none, and stumbled upon a BRAND NEW pair of black Stride Rite toddler shoes. No scrapes. No wear. No gross shoe smell. Brand new. And the best part... $1! Yep, Stride Rites, in Auggie's size for a buck. Ah, thank you Jesus!

Of course I googled how much they run normally. $47! I think we found a deal, folks! Woot. :)

Tonight we have our annual Elevate Christmas party with the teens at church. I'm praying that the Lord works in the lives of our teens, both the ones who come to church and the visitors we may have. We need the Lord to move and we trust in His plan for this group.

Last thing in this rambling post. I promise.
Yesterday I made some super yummy Cranberry Walnut bars. They are savory, rich, and so delish. Found it here and if you enjoy cranberries, walnuts or butter {grin} you MUST try them. Ta-ta for now, friends.

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