Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"I was planning to..."

Someday I'll write a book with a title such as that. I feel like the queen of intentions. I always have these amazing dreams and ideas of things I want to do with my family, or for friends, etc. But then the days go by and somehow nothing has been done or even close, prepared for. I've been avoiding my facebook news feed for a few days because honestly what I see evokes these feelings of failure in me. And I hate it. It steals my joy and gets my focus off of the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Families working on gingerbread houses and everyone is smiling, beautifully decorated homes, children wearing normal clothes... not bathing suits, their fathers shirts, and half ripped dress up outfits. {ok, I admit I do love my big girls fashion sense lately} I see things and I think, "oh, I was planning to do that" and I look at the calendar and realize - there's no time. My goal for this Christmas was simplicity - and, the humor in that is... it has been. Completely simple. No extras. And even though that was my plan, I keep finding myself disappointed. How confusing is that? I wanted to celebrate Advent with our children - and so far we have managed to do 3 days out of the month. 3! And let's just say...the girls aren't really "into" it. We spent a morning out at the local mall to take a $1 train ride and just window shop - see the lights, etc. It was perfect...only, in my mind I kept thinking, "oh I wish this...and I wish that..." instead of being satisfied. Ah, flesh... you rotten thing.

Through all of my shortcomings and battles with my mind - the Lord remains faithful to train me and teach me. We have been showered with blessings, unexpected, and taken care of in such a huge way. Every time I start to get down or anxious, the Lord has provided. We praise our Jehovah Jireh!

This afternoon I'm planning some Christmas cookie time with my girls. To be honest I'm already dreading some of the mess, redirecting, and just those kinds of things. But, I also love watching them get so excited! I have 4 simple recipes planned - and we PLAN on sharing some with a few neighbors and taking the rest to Grammy's house this weekend. I thought I'd share the recipes in case you were looking for a few easy and yummy ones. :) They are 4 brand new ones in our home. I try to do new ones each year...because I'm nuts and like to make life more difficult for myself.  :)

Brown Sugar Shortbreads is a recipe from Better Homes & Gardens. Click here for the recipe. Here's what they should look like. They are easy roll in a ball and smash with the bottom of a pretty cup, cookies. :)

Nutmeg-Pumpkin Drops. Another BHG recipe featuring some of our favorite things... pumpkin, spices and white chocolate. Click here for the recipe. Peek at them below. {we aren't doing the pecan on top..too expensive!}
Deluxe Nutmeg-Pumpkin Cookies

Peppermint Stick Cookies! I'm most excited about these... I think my girls will have fun with them. I found the recipe in an old Country Woman cookbook. Here's a link!  And these are SO cute...
Peppermint Stick Cookies Recipe

Last but not least - Candy Bar Sugar Cookies :) Easiest, I think. You just roll them up, roll in sugar, and bake. Might let Ava take over on these. Check out the recipe HERE

Here's to turning at least one of my "I was planning to..." into WE DID IT! :) 

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