Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A good day for a giveaway!

Happy Tuesday! Laid back day here. I worked allll day yesterday getting our entire first floor cleaned and organized. You'd think with a smaller sized house that wouldn't take so long, but, the holidays seemed to hit us hard this year - and, I'll admit that I was slacking for awhile. And then that week of sickness... and my excuses go on and on. But, all of floor 1 is done and we took just an easy morning here at home. Hubby went to work, I had some quiet time in Romans, the girls played nicely with their dolls. Lovely. We skipped preschool this morning and I think Ava is enjoying the break - which, is weird because every other day {even Saturday and Sunday} she's begging to do more school. 

It's nice to have a relaxed day. Until this afternoon when I conquer the upstairs. :) And then tonight... it's DATE NIGHT! Just me and the hubs enjoying a "quiet" meal at the Texas Road House. 

On to the giveaway, shall we?

As a momma to two small children, I'm familiar with how difficult it is at times to get in some really good {quality} quiet time with the Lord. Where do you begin? What do you read? How do I do this? Why doesn't this feel beneficial at times? All questions I've had myself. It's important to remember that there are seasons in life where quiet time will look very different. When my first baby was a newborn, I had amazing quiet times with her sleeping on my chest, any time. When baby #2 came around quiet time was when both children were sleeping, usually in the afternoon. Now, I have an early riser 1 year old {so early morning doesn't work for me} and a barely-napping 4 year old {so nap time doesn't work now either}. I'm finding creative ways and adapting. Honestly, some days it's exhausting just trying to think about and find a time for this supposed "quiet" time. This is where the Grace comes in :) 

So, while I don't have a solution per say, I will tell you - it's not about a specific time, I don't believe. We have to be flexible and in the moment and just the use the time we have, to the max. I'm still working on this every single day. I have friends who rise early and their kids sleep, I have friends who stay up late after the family goes to bed, and others still who have taught their children to play quietly mid-morning while they study God's word. We all have to find our flow. What's important is that we are seeking the Lord. 

I hope to encourage one of you with a lil' something to maybe jazz up your quiet time, or, inspire you to START BACK UP in making it a priority. 
These two items are nothing fancy. A small booklet on the names of God and a beautifully put together CD set. But, both of these things have been an encouragement to me at different times and I wanted to share! You have all day today to enter your comment and you can answer one of these questions :

What are you currently doing for your personal time with the Lord?


What is your biggest struggle in making time with the Lord a priority?

Remember, we've all been there - or are there - now. I'm eager to hear your answers and will announce a winner tomorrow morning! Have a super Tuesday! 


Lindsay said...

I try to wake up to Derek's alarm but with usually getting up at least a couple times in the night for babies, I rarely hear it. So I take time while the kids are eating breakfast. It gets frustrating at times bc it's rarely "quiet" but it's always worth it! I'm reading Psalms, Matthew, "One Thousand Gifts" and "Not a Fan." It's thanks to you that I can't seem to be content with just one book! :)

The Sneaky Mommy said...

My biggest struggle with being in God's Word is that every other task somehow seems to feel more pressing. We are reading through the Epistles with another couple at our church...so I need to go do it!

Fritz and Amy said...

I find me telling myself that "I'll get to it" and of course I sometimes don't. I spend time doing so many other things because I don't have to "be still" during those other times, and I can multi-task. I multi-task all day and this is the one thing that I know I can't multi-task on. I make up excuses and really...there is never an excuse for not doing your devos, just reasons. I'll be consistent and great for a time and then fall off doing them. It has been helpful to have an accountability partner that I text a passage to every day. Things are looking up!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Currently I'm doing another Nancy Guthrie study on Genesis -- it's amazing! I am loving her books right now, so deep and so full of truth and yet presented in a way that this tired brain can understand :)

My biggest struggle -- getting out of bed in the mornings :) It's literally one foot in front of the other, sometimes eyes closed until get to the stairs :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

Also, I think it's funny that we both did devotional type giveaways on the same day :)