Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The snowy day

We woke up this morning to this fantastic sight -

And, a lot of it. Schools closed. Brad home. Myself, well, I love and so enjoy a good snow day. All 4 of us kinda bundled up here in our home together. It's wonderful. We had eggs, pancakes and bacon for breakfast and spent the whole morning listening to music, playing, and chillen' in our jammies :)

Mid morning I set the girls up for some craft time, which they so enjoy. Today we started making cards to send to cousins and grandparents. {shhhh don't tell} I had found an idea on Pinterest to use toliet paper rolls, bend them into a heart shape and use as a stamp. It worked! Or, in pinterest terms... Nailed it! ;) They were all about this cool craft.

This one with the expressions...could she be any more like me?! Ah, I love just them to pieces. The craft kept them busy all of... wait for it... 10 minutes. Then we cleaned up and they skipped on their merry way - wearing dress up heels and carrying baby dolls. Love it.

Now that nap time is here the hubs and I are enjoying our quiet afternoon, and waiting to see if our evening activities are cancelled. Oh the anticipation. I'm thinking of flipping on some HGTV and just enjoying the calm. And speaking of HGTV - I'm really excited about a NEW show coming up next month.
Filmed right here in our little ol' city of Des Moines! If you are at all into salvaged furniture, antiques, upcycled things, junkin', etc... maybe check this show out. Although, not the most romantic plans for Valentines day - this how might be on our agenda. :)

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Angie said...

Yay for snow days! How much snow did you all end up getting? It's supposed to snow here over the next few days but I don't think we are supposed to get too much accumulation. Not that I would mind if we did!

LOVE how you bent those into heart shapes. I was making a plan for some projects for Ax next week and this was one of them. We aren't going to bend ours though. We are going to start working on our shapes and first up is a circle!!

Hope your Thursday is a good one friend. We got a day off school today but not due to snow. I think it was from flooding. Our creeks are running high around here :)