Thursday, January 10, 2013

View from the couch.

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 6:10. I rolled over and could NOT believe that no one else was awake or crying in their beds... could this really be happening?! As I sat up to go do some good bible reading, I felt this wave of nausea - like, "Don't move another muscle". I obeyed the body and laid down. My husband asked me if I was going to get up and read and I explained the situation. "Uh oh, you have what I had" was his response. Lovely. 

I ended up sleeping, dozing, and laying around on the bed and couch for the remainder of the day. Hubs watched the girls in the morning and came home to do lunch and dinner - bless that man! He even brought me a Wendy's baked potato, as it was the only thing all day that sounded somewhat appetizing. Baked potato and 7up - ah, what a life! Sickness. There is just no TIME for that when you are a parent. Can I get an amen?! 

I remember coming out of a doze at one point and seeing every single toy we own {in the living room} dumped out in piles around the couch. Even when sick - my children just wanted to be near me. Apparently dumping out toys by my side of the couch is like an kid offering. Thank you, darlings, thank you. 

For the most part the day went well - Ava got to watch TV the entire day, which, was not my favorite...but, it worked in the moment. We watched lots of movies and she sat very still, and sometimes even sat on the floor and played quietly. Augs, on the other hand, did NOT understand this "mom on the couch" business. Jumping on my stomach, stealing my glasses and running away, trying to feed me while I was dozing, etc. This girl keeps me busy! She kept bringing me books, climbing up on me, sitting on my head, then reading to me. It was precious, and painful and did not help the nausea. But, I love her. This morning she continues on in the area of CUTE - by attempting to dress herself.
Close honey! But, that is a shirt. For 20 months... not too shabby! :)

Now, onto a day of double the housework as normal. I'm so thankful to be feeling better and I'm so thankful for a family who doesn't completely fall apart when Momma just needs to lay down. 

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