Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Preschool: Day 1

It's been a long time coming, but, we finally started preschool at home today. But let's back up... so I can tell you how ONCE AGAIN my plans were thwarted. I, wanted to get up at 6 and have some quiet time in the word. Drink a cup of coffee. Gather my thoughts. Pen some notes in my "teacher" planner book. I, wanted things to go a certain way. Limited chaos was at the top of the list. And, once again I didn't get my way.

August woke up at 5:42am. Which, is just a gross time. Especially when you already have an early morning planned and those last 15 minutes would have been precious. Anyway, my plan changed from having a quiet time in the word - to laying on the couch in the dark, with a toddler on my chest. I was freezing because I forgot to grab a blanket for myself and I didn't dare move or it would stir her again. {sigh} So I just lay there and prayed. I was tempted to cry. Why does it seem that every time I set the alarm early... my kids wake up BEFORE me?! It's like a kid radar or something. Actually, I know its part of my sanctification. But that's another post. Aug's snoozed another 10 minutes and then went straight to whining and crying as loud as possible for "milk" and "eat" and "Nana" {banana}. This crying woke up her sister. We were all awake by 6:40am. Now my eager preschooler is asking over and over... "are we gonna do school now?" and I'm struggling to smile and act excited - because I'm not and honestly, my eyes hurt from being awake. Ah, but enough of that - we already know that part of being a momma is not sleeping and having your own plans change on the dime. And I know full well that I am blessed beyond measure that I even get to lose sleep over these precious ones. 

After breakfast we headed upstairs to the school room. It's nothing fancy and right now has zero decorations or school type things in it. I'm still working and planning a scheming ideas. But the kids table was up and our school bin was filled with workbooks and sharpened pencils. :) I had hoped to start each school time with prayer and a few songs - like I would have done in my preschool, sans prayer. The 4 year old announces that she doesn't want pray and then refuses to sing "this is the day" with me. I press on. Augs is now attempting to dig out all the pencils from the school box. How does one home school with more then 1 child?! I admire you. What went on from there was half chaos/half fun/very precious/memorable/totally amateur. But, we went through 3 workbook topics and Ava was SO eager. She just kept wanting to do and do and do. Which, tell me I need to plan some more! My heart kinda aches as I realize now I didn't get a picture of her "First day" and I'm annoyed that August was such a distraction and Ava was frustrated with her. But, it's also all good. I'm convicted that I could use my personal time better to plan and organize this for both of them. But ultimately, all that matters is that we made a memory and we have finally begun! 

Preschool: Day 1. In the bag. Here's to many more better days! This afternoon I found this quote in my email and I'm so thankful for the awesome reminder :

“You know, motherhood has caused me to come face to face with my less-than-wonderful qualities. Sometimes my kids bring out the worst in me. However, God doesn’t waste a thing. He uses my kids to bring me to Him. When I come face to face with my shortcomings, my weaknesses, and my sin, it’s a reminder of my need for a God who wants me to be more like Him each and every day.” 


becky said...

What a great quote...thanks for sharing, I'm going to write that one in my journal for sure. Looks like you are off to a good start, Mandi! Does August still take a morning nap? When Isaac took morning naps, we would do preschool then, it was the perfect time. When those ended, I would put him in his high chair and give him crayons, playdough, blocks, wooden beads, some sort of busy hands/quiet activity. Do you have one of those fisher price booster seats with a tray? That might work good for little August...then she would have her own preschool like activity. I love your little space...you are going to have so much fun with it. No worries about it not being decorated yet. Before you know it...Ava will have her art and other work to proudly display there. You're a great mom, your girls are BLESSED to have you!

Sandra said...

It's never easy with more than one kid, thankfully for me mine were all bigger when we started homeschooling, but I have to agree with Becky, either do it while the little one is napping, or give her toys, crayons and paper to work with etc to keep her busy.

We all have those days where things just seem to run badly from morning until night. Just remember it's ok :)