Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday {woot}

First of all - Valentines day is EXACTLY a month away. If you are like me... you need the entire time to get things planned and done. Start now. And, you're welcome!


Happy Homemaker Monday! My wonderful hubs has taken both our girls upstairs to play and I'm enjoying some quiet alone time on the couch, listening to Rachmaninoff. It's the little things :) We have a busy day ahead and actually a fairly busy week - I hope to be intentional and make the most of every day. 

The Weather::: 
Today it will be 23 degrees. The weather lady jokingly said, "it might feel warm to some of you, but it's not". Wind chill joke? Oh, weather people. I can't complain. I really do like this time of year. Kinda forces you to slow down, breathe, cuddle up and be warm.

Right now I am:::
Enjoying some classical masterpieces via our cable music channel, sipping some Italian Roast coffee, listening to my family play in my 4 year olds room, I'm wrapped in a snow flake blanket from my friend Suzy. 
I can't get an article I read this weekend off of my mind. Moralistic Parenting. Am I training my children to simply be good for goodness sake? Or, is there more to it? Check out that article here.
Hoping to get some thoughts down later this week on this topic.

On my reading pile:::
Reading "Streams in the Desert" for my quiet time.
Finishing "The Meaning of Marriage" by Timothy Keller
Book of Romans
On my TV:::
Will probably let the girls watch a few toons this morning while I get preschool stuff prepped and some laundry started. 
Favorite blog post this week:::
Really enjoyed Mandy's thoughts over at Biblical Homemaking this week - perfect for a new year! "Changing your habits for God's glory" - check it out!

Something fun to share:::
Well, at least... I think it's fun. I ordered a 5 day clothes organizer for my 4 year old daughters closet. She has entered the "I want to pick out my own clothes" stage. Blah. I'm eager for her to learn responsibility - but the control freak side of me still wants to pick the cute outfits! Our solution {for now} is that I will pick the 5 outfits - she gets to pick which one she wants to wear on what day. :) Sounds fun right? I think so.
On the menu for the week:::
Monday - Basil pork chops with salsa pasta & beans
Tuesday - Asian beef & noodles {for the girls} But, DATE NIGHT at the TEXAS Road house for mommy and daddy :)
Weds - Leftover
Thursday - Bacon & egg bagels
Friday - Baked chicken with pasta
Saturday - Lasagna Pizza
Sunday - Gnocchi with pesto sauce

On my to do list:::
Acquire a computer printer
mop kitchen
set up more mouse traps - bold thing comes right towards us at night :(
drop off salvation army donations
pay cell bill

What I am creating:::
Nothing. Too cold to go outside. No projects right now.

Homemaking tips:::
Wipe down bathroom mirror after you shower. Use the steam, skip the windex - looks great and saves a paper towel :) 

Looking around the house:::
Not too bad. Sun shining SUPER bright through the dining room... a few toys out. Lot of blankets tossed on the couch. 1 kid now eating a greek yogurt. 

From the camera:::
My children and my precious Nieces with my grandma, a very special lady, at Christmas. It is so precious to me that my girls know my grandparents! I am blessed. 

On my prayer list:::
Reader Angie :) 
Teens and decisions
Those with the flu that seems to be lingering....
Wisdom in raising my children

Bible verse, devotional:::
Romans 1:16-17 I am not ashamed of the Gospel! Such a meaty verse. :)


Whitney @ My Southern Comfort said...

found you through HHM! thats so awesome that your kids know their great grands! I wrote about the same thing today!

Christy said...

Hi! Visiting from Sandra's blog. I just LOVE your blog background. I remember the days of the week clothes organizers - had them for my kids! Have a great week!

Sandra said...

The mouse thing just made me cringe, I can't handle mice lol

We've been having around the same temperatures here, it's been pretty cold for Arizona.

Hope you have a great week ahead :)