Friday, January 4, 2013

Ever feel ugly?

Remember the character from the famous Greek wedding movie? Opening scenes show a tired, frumpy, undone, gal... working at her fathers restaurant, basically unhappy in her life. You want to feel bad for her. But, it's also kind of funny. 

This morning I feel like her. Only, in the tired, frumpy, undone sort of way. I'm VERY happy and thankful for my life. :) 

It was as I was walking out of Target this morning in my black jogging suit {which, has NEVER been jogged in}complete with HUGE winter coat, no makeup, two children, huge purse spilling out receipts, diapers, etc. and realizing I don't think I even ran a brush through my hair... when I saw HER. Tiny, perfect hair, perfect makeup, amazing clothes, manicured nails, carrying a Starbucks latte and a Victoria's Secret bag. She even walked cute. Annnnd... my 4 year old noticed the "pretty lady". For some reason, at that moment - no matter how thankful, blessed and content I was... I felt UGLY. I just wanted to duck away and hide. And while I've had those moments before... this one took me off guard. I'm still bothered by it. As women, we never want to feel those times. Even when life is crazy hard and days are long - we don't want to be ugly or feel ugly. And at that moment I felt like the UGLY poster child. 

I tried to recall scripture on "real" beauty - how the Lord calls us to guard our hearts and work on our beauty within. It was a comfort. But then I looked down to realize my jogging pants have shrunk and now 2 inches of my {unshaved} legs are showing. One more thing on the list... sigh.

There's no real lesson or moral with this post - just that, like everyone else, my insecurities are very real and I'm humbled and reminded AGAIN how vital and important it is to know truth, practice truth... and, shave. 
And for goodness sake... find 4 minutes to brush your hair. Shout out to all my hard working momma friends, today! 


Amy@My Front Porch said...

It's always so easy to SAY that our beauty isn't wrapped up in our appearance, but so much harder to live that out in a world of beautiful people! Keep pressing on, Mama! And for what it's worth, I don't value you because of your appearence, I value you you for your friendship :)

From one unshaved lady to another ;)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

It's always SO easy to say that our beauty shouldn't be wrapped up in our appearance, but SO MUCH HARDER to live that out. Keep pressing on Mama! And for what it's worth, I don't value you because of your appearance, I value your friendship :)

From one unshaved frumpy mom to another :)

Amy said...

Sorry for the multiple comments -- it kept telling me it couldn't post my comment, but obviously that wasn't true :)