Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Finds :)

Happy Friday! My plans for the start to our Friday changed late last night - and, instead of taking our girls to Monkey Joe's this morning... Daddy ended up at a funeral, and the gals and I headed to drop off some bags at Goodwill.  But you just go with it. Ebb and flow. Right?

Since we ended up having a GREAT time at Goodwill and came across some GREAT finds - I thought I'd do a quick "Friday Finds", which, doesn't exist anywhere else in the bloggy world, I don't think - but, sounded catchy when I typed it in. Because I'm so "on the fly" creative like that. :) If you have a "Friday Finds"... forgive me?

Today was a good day for Ava. I found 3 pieces for her - and got them all for under $5! Are you still not trying Goodwill? :) All 3 pieces are like new and name brands - Old Navy, Xhiliration, and Hartstrings. Also, all are size 5 or 6...because my 4 year old is massive tall. And doesn't seem to slow down in the growth department. She just jumped into a solid size 11 in shoes this week! Yikes! Wanna see the goods? She is REALLY into dresses and I love that I can grab two or three for a buck or so apiece. :) The girls also scored a miniature doll wagon for $1.99 - it's too cute and will be in another braggy post about my beauties. :)

Another fun Friday find was this pic on my phone - we are thinking big sis was attempting a photo shoot with the baby.
Daddy thinks she did a pretty good job with the camera {Phone}... I think I agree. 

Girls are sleeping now and once daddy get's home we'll try this Monkey Joe's trip again. 
Have a great weekend! 

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