Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What to do on the below zero days.

My 4 year old has asked every day since Friday if we could go outside. Normally, I'd toughen up, get everyone coated and booted up and let them play in the yard a bit. But, normally, it's not 4 degrees. Ok, it might be a little warmer then that - but, not much. It's COLD! I fear my girls would last 1 minute and I'm just not into it. Also not into the runny noses or the panic and screams of "mommy this snow is cold". seriously.

Today I had to be creative, as all the indoor fun activities were starting to lose their appeal. Even the question  "would you like to watch a movie?" wasn't met with cheers. Huh. So, I went to my cupboard to see what I could dream up and it played out like this...

Two large jelly roll pans, some flour, and cookie cutters. :) Throw on a couple aprons on some cute kids... and you have a mid morning event! Ava really got into this and August... well, she ended up throwing handfuls of flour in the air and laughing. Guess it's a win-win either way.
They seriously stuck around and played with this activity for close to an hour. The little one gave up after a few minutes - but then kept coming back to watch and babble. I used that hour to sit WITH them at the table and plan our February meal plan :) We were all happy. The little conversations while all sitting together were precious and priceless.

After this fun we had a yummy spaghetti lunch and the girls are now napping beautifully as the afternoon passes by. My scentsy melter is working overtime and while I don't know what the scent is - it makes me happy. I love these chilly, stay at home, kinda days. Thank you, Lord.

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