Friday, January 25, 2013

Breakfast date.

{me, out our fave lil' breakfast spot}
What do you do when you have a wonderful friend who VOLUNTEERS to take your children for the morning so you can spend some time with your hubby?

You go on a BREAKFAST date! :) And so we did! Our fave little place, La Mie, was hoppin' and we got to sit and eat our yummy food slooooowly. :) I tried something new - Salmon Tartine. It was... piled high with avocado and sprouts and not really breakfasty...but, good! And don't forget their amazing coffee and pecan rolls! 

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by friends who love us and who value our marriage!

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Angie said...

How awesome that you all were able to get a little adult time! Glad you all enjoyed :)