Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Thursday...which really means it's Friday

Let me explain.

My husband is a pastor who takes Fridays as his day "off". {Please note the quotes} :)
So, Thursday night really is like Friday night for us - and we look forward to it each week! Most weeks we don't have anything over the top crazy planned, just being together as a family. It's wonderful. And noisy. Tonight we have cell group time with some of our youth leaders - a great, encouraging time of coming together to hear from God's word, pray together, and just pull together as a team.

Tomorrow we are thinking of taking our girls to Monkey Joe's. If you've never heard of this place - it's a room full of jump houses, inflatable everything, etc. Kids go nuts! This was my goober two years ago at Christmas... a bouncing ball of sweat. Seriously, she kills me with the sweat. 

The girls have been more clingy and needy then usual lately and I'm thinking an hour of nonstop bounce fun might be the cure all. We have spent a lot of time indoors lately all cooped up in sweaters and what not. :) 

Besides fun stuff like that - I'm hoping to get a jump start on a few house projects and valentines day crafts. It is just a month away and I really, really, really wanna be ready this year. {sigh}
Yesterday I was finally able to find and order something with my 3 year old Pottery Barn gift card. I know, 3 years of just holding it! Nuts. These pretty faux flowering branches were on sale... and I happened to have a large mason jar that needs filling. I'm planning to redo all the living room decor. {shhh it's a secret}

I'm also hoping to maybe {finally} get our upstairs hallway and bathroom painted this weekend. We have the paint for the hall - just need some rollers {and time}. The bathroom... well, that's been a mind boggler for 3 years now. Ugh. Wanna see a few ideas I found on Pinterest for our hall way. Note: These have not been hubby approved yet. 
stair landing
LOVE the tons of frames & random mirror and key.
example of where to place what.
Not so much the stripes - but, love the simple shelving, and various surrounding pieces.
burlap in frames... with clip to make changing pics easy
Or, possibly just something streamlined and less random. :) 
Anyway, trying to work with what we already own- and man, my basement has plenty to look through. 

So, yes. It's Thursday - so, it's really MY Friday night :) 


Amy said...

Yay for "Fridays"! Sounds like you've got a fun day planned tomorrow! I've been thinking we should put together some sort of playdate at The Playground in Ankeny, because my girls have been acting a little stir crazy, too! Can't wait for spring :) I love all those decorating ideas, too! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Angie said...

I wish we had one of those bounce house places around here! My son is definitely going stir crazy with all this cold weather. I suited him up yesterday and let him ride his motorcycle for about an hour but he got cold quickly!

Sounds like you all got a great weekend planned. Enjoy

Oh and I like the streamlined look personally but that is just me!