Monday, January 28, 2013

HAPPY Homemaker Monday!

It has been such a great day so far today! Woke up early to read {so did baby girl} and had a great time at the kitchen table, bible open, coffee hot, reading... while the 1 year old babbled at me. It worked. Special moments. I'm not normally fond of having my "quiet" time WITH someone - but, there is something to be said for letting your children watch you study God's word, I think. I'm praying that come to know Jesus for themselves someday soon! 

Anyway, the rest of the morning has gone wonderfully smooth. The girls and I made a trip to Target to grab some necessities and now we are getting ready for lunch. I let the girls each choose a small toy while at Target {that almost NEVER happens}, so they are playing quietly and thinking I'm the BEST mom in the world :) I'll let them think that... 

Happy Monday. 

The Weather:::
Today is in the 40's and I heard tomorrow may be in the 50's! Then, back to 16 later this week :) Oh, Iowa.

Right now I am:::
Just put baby girl down for afternoon nap. Watching the neighbors yard get dug up... strange, they def don't look like a professional company.

I kinda want another cup of coffee...
and, I need to get started on laundry.
And, loving Matt Maher on Spotify.

On my reading pile:::
Streams in the Desert
The Meaning of Marriage { has been MONTHS}
The Hole in our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

On my TV:::
Big girl is watching Diego, which, she says she doesn't like any other time except when I say "nap time". Now, all of the sudden it has a new appeal. Interesting.

Also - HOLY CRYING FITS - Downton season 3 literally had me in tears last night :( Was NOT expecting that. Well, kinda was. But still!

Favorite Blog post this week:::
Haven't done much blog scanning yet this week... but, Ann Voskamp is always a safe bet on something great!

Something fun to share:::
Just really LOVING Spotify. If you haven't joined up - do it. Google spotify and see what comes up. FREE music - almost every album you can imagine. I love making new playlists. Which...leads me to my second FUN thing to share -

I'm making a play list for Valentines day. Songs I'll just have playing the next few weeks to help hubs and I remember :) Lots of Steven Curtis Chapman, etc. :)

On the menu this week::::
Tonight we're having zesty potato soup. And, I haven't gone grocery shopping beyond that. Maybe more survivor week based on what we already have? We did SO well with that last week!

On my to do list:::

What am I creating::::
I was given two wonderful bookcases this week - and, I'm in the process of deciding what to do with them. Thinking of painting one for the upstairs hallway. :) Endless options.

Homemaking tips:::
Yikes. When it comes to shopping... check the end caps and sales aisles FIRST. I found loads of organic apple juice, coffee, canned tomato sauce,  etc there today - most were below 50% off!

Looking around the house:::
Room is clean. Bed made. Score!

From the camera:::
We had our incorporation service last night for our church's 3rd church plant! Awesome to see the Lord work in and through our communities! Highpointe church - we LOVE you!

On my prayer list:::
Teens. :)
Prego friends :)
Thinking of future plans for my own family...

Bible verses, Devos::::
Greatly encouraged by 2 Cor. today - reminded that many have gone before in life and ministry... and they faced similar challenges. Same God. Same Power! 


Angie said...

If you think Iowa's weather is crazy, come to Kentucky. We are supposed to have 70 degree temps today, possible severe storms & tornadoes tomorrow and then snow on Thursday!! Isn't no wonder everyone is sick.

I can't wait to see what you do with those bookcases my friend :)

Sandra said...

Sounds like our weather, it's all over the place. lol

I laughed at the Diego thing lol It reminds me of my kids when they don't play or touch a certain item for months on end until I want to get rid of it, then suddenly "it's my favorite". Ugh!

Hope you have a great week :)