Thursday, January 24, 2013

.:Big - fat - lazy - days:.

It seems that on the weeks where we don't have much planned... I get even less done. How is that happening?! I'm beyond sluggish. I have entire days without plans, not even 1 thing, and yet I can barely manage to get the dishwasher unloaded.

In my defense :
1) It's freezing. Literally 0 degrees last night. So, moving around without wearing blankets is difficult ;)
2) I have two very cuddly girls lately... cannot get enough of me, and I'm loving it.
3) Did you know that there are some AMAZING cooking shows on cable TV in the mid morning while children are playing quietly in a different room? I just discovered this. Danger. 

So, we are having some big-fat-lazy days around here and I will not complain. Though, I will admit, I can't do this much longer - MUST accomplish something! {Even if it is only getting into regular clothes before noon}

Random thought - I think our mattress has bit the dust. Well, to rephrase... it has bitten the dust. Years ago, actually. I saw a commercial this morning that said if your mattress is more then 8 years old it's technically no longer any good. It makes sense! I haven't had a good nights sleep on that thing in a year...and, we'll be married for 8 years this August. Shocking. Upon window shopping online I decided with our new mattress {someday} I'd like to decorate it like this -
How romantic! I love the gray and the bunching!

Ah, one can dream, right? Now back to reality... {and our existing bed with no budget for any new beds}

This weekend will pick back up with coffee dates, basketball games, babysitting for friends, ministry things and then next week is starting to fill up, too. But for right now - today - I'm heading back down to the couch, with a new mug of coffee... and I'm going to drink in this quiet afternoon, get some reading done and just enjoy this time at home. Maybe these light weeks aren't too bad!

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Angie said...

I go through spurts where it doesn't seem I accomplish one single thing all day long. It's nice to have those days though. Enjoy yours while they last!