Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The "things" in our yard continue to grow. Still no idea what they are... but, it will be exciting to finally see for ourselves. I'm leaning toward daffodils now. Every day Ava and I walk to the fence line to check the situation.

There's other growth going on around here, as well. In the next day or two I'm hoping to post about the women's retreat I attended last weekend - "Proclamation!". I was so challenged with how much (or how little) I share Christ with people. I'll be giving you some points from our speakers sessions and I'm eager for your ideas and input on how you share Christ with a lost world.

And, besides the two above mentioned items...
Ava is changing and growing, my marriage is changing and growing, our ministry is changing and growing. Spring has sprung indeed! So much to write about... but so little time to just live it.

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Tiffany said...

I cannot wait for your post!! {grin}