Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I {heart} Target

Did you get your FREE pastry from Starbucks this morning? I love free...especially when it involves a certain crumble topped blueberry muffin. :) Now that I'm completely over my calorie count for the day...

I really enjoy Target. I almost always find amazing deals on things I need... and, almost always walk out with something I wasn't planning to buy...but did. I know that's not the best model for saving money - but, I will say, its usually always something we WILL need eventually. See, I can justify anything! Today was no exception. Wanna see?

I found an adorable pair of lined blue pants for Ava... for $1.75! That's less then some of the things at our local Salvation Army! They had two pair of 24 month pants left and I snatched one for this winter. Score! They really are cute - Here's an attempted pic.

A few rows later I came upon an overwhelming display of super discounted granola/trail mix bars. I didn't think anything of it until I saw that famous orange sticker. Upon closer inpsection (and a double take) I saw the price... .48! So, I grabbed several boxes. These "trial size" bars are perfect for hubby's lunch, afternoon snacks or breakfast on the run. And, at under .50/box - we can do that!
Besides these "extra's" I found along the way - I managed to find a birthday gift (a GOOD one) for under $5 for my niece - which, was the point of heading to Target. I can always find a deal! This challenge of finding deals has become a little addicting to me. :)

Otherwise in life - playgroup was today at church. Ava always enjoys hanging out with the guys. And by guys, I'm being literal. She's always outnumbered and today was no exception. Look at how cute these kids are...

They piled themselves into these cubbies without our prompting. :)
This is the future! :)


Tiffany said...

Oooh, how I wish we had a Target, but alas our closest one is over an hour away. {bummer}

The Sneaky Mommy said...

Yeah for Target!!! I love finding the oober good clearance items! Enjoy those granola bars...they'll taste better because you'll be smiling at the deal you got! :)