Monday, March 29, 2010

Just when you think you've got it alllll figured out

Hmph! Whiiiiiine. Scowl. Kick. Whiiiiiine more. Flail. Screeeeech. Shall I continue?
This has been my daughters behavior the last few days. And, to be totally honest... I hate it. I hate seeing sin pour out of my little one and dispise the fact that I feel like I am just one big giant disciplining machine. I want to be the "rocking mommy" that holds her and loves her. I want to be the "read me a book" mommy or the "tickle me" mommy, NOT the... "do you need ANOTHER spanking" mommy. {insert sad face}

The thing is... I knew it was coming. I knew the food throwing, screeching in church nursery, causing self to go limp in public while melting down was all coming. But, in the back of my heart I had a teeny tiny notion that maybe... it wouldn't. Some kids just don't have that stage. As a preschool teacher - I saw quite a few who didn't... at least, at school. ;)

So, enter the next stage of life. Toddler-hood. {applause, applause}

Every time I look at her this thought comes to mind.... "I can discipline now and have her be angry at me now but love me later for it, or, I can avoid discipline now, have her love me now and HATE me later". Sound biblical? It is. Now I just need that knowledge to make its way to my heart. Especially today.
(that is not my kiddo... for the record... our pics would never look so nice)

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becky said...

I'm right there with ya Mandi! The past week or so have been tough ones...causing me to pray lots! Hang in will be worth it later! :)