Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sleepless in Des Moines

Ugh. I think I got a total of 4 hours of sleep last night, and NO, it wasn't because I was up having a fun time watching good movies or deep conversations with my spouse...
this headcold is taking over my life! And, 3 cups of coffee at 8pm probably didn't help. {sigh} I finally "broke down" and bought the good kind of medicine last night - $16 for 18 pills!!! (I'm not usually one for taking things to get better...) Tho, I won't complain because there are people far worse off then me paying much higher costs for meds.

My daughter, who usually sleeps in till around 8ish, decided that wakeup time today would be 7:15. :) Luckily for me, I was downstairs propped up on the couch with my ump-teen-hundred pillows and had 5 extra minutes to "sleep" while Brad did the wakeup, diaper change routine. He's so good to me! I hadn't slept on the couch since I was 9 months pregnant - so, yea, that was different.

But, despite a very sleepless night - I've already experienced the new mercies of God today. I had a front row seat for the sunrise this morning, heard the first bird outside my window and enjoyed a quiet home all to myself in the early hours. My heart, rather then feeling angry (which, I'll admit, happens when I don't get sleep) was calm and soothed. When my family came downstairs I was eager for morning hugs and kisses... something I so often forego in place of a timely breakfast and at the very least a pot of fresh coffee.

The morning was beautiful.

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beccarankin said...

Hope you feel better soon. :-) I am just getting over that cold. YUCK! And Gabi and Karis are coming down with it. More fun to come! :-)