Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pats at our House!

What a rewarding, fun, and exciting day of homemaking. All of the prep paid off, I'll tell ya that much! {and why don't I prep that well in other areas of life... eek, perhaps thats another posting...} This is what the day looked like - Shamrock cookie baking...

I had found a recipe in my Bisquick cook book for a supposed "easy" sugar cookie recipe. I'm a big fan of that product so I thought, "why not" - and sure enough, learned my lesson. While the cookies had an amazing taste, they were waaaay too fragile and every last one fell apart. So, rather then shamrocks - we had, well... parts. When will I just learn to stick with what I KNOW works?! Oh well - it was fun, and a cookie is still a cookie - even in pieces!

In the early part of the afternoon a silly little 15 month old and I had some great play time.

She loves this tunnel from Grandpa and Grandma Great (Aka: Hindal) and we spent several minutes being silly inside of it together. Yep - I fit up to my shoulders! ;) She was dressed in her new green sweater and we even used our green sippy cup for our special day! Accompanied with her knock-out almost Green eyes... she's precious.

I was blessed with the request for a late afternoon nap {almost never happens} which freed me up for enough time to make Irish Soda Bread! And, it was fabulous and super easy! I loved the story behind the bread. Can you see the cross in it? You'll have to look that story up sometime. Here's how the bread turned out. Brad and Ava both seemed to enjoy it!

We sat down to our special St. Patrick's day dinner and used our "special" dishes. The corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes were awesome! We had our soda bread, shamrock cookies and I whipped up some limeade/vanilla ice cream shakes to top it off! I loved planning this special day and seeing it all on our table. :) In the background we had on Irish music (thanks to our cable tv) and I layed cut out green shamrocks around our dishes. It was so much fun! It really is such an honor and high calling to be able to be home like this - and put so much effort into our lives. I love planning and praying over our home and what we do with it and in it. I love watching Brad and Ava's eyes light up when they try a new dinner or treat. I like making the place smell amazing with good, healthy food - and I don't even mind the clean up because of how blessed I am with a dishwasher!

Happy St. Patricks Day! And, God bless!

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beccarankin said...

Sounds like a great day. My girls are at this moment enjoying watching the Celtic Women sing. Karis calls them singing princess' in front of their castle. St. Pats is a lot of fun!